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Lavender Rosemary Dog Shampoo

Lavender Rosemary Dog Shampoo

- Cheerful Herbal Formula

Our classic handmade shampoo, made with the finest Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils for both scent and beneficial properties. Relaxing and soothing.

Sold in our large 16oz size as pictured






Zensoaps Cedarwood Anise Dog Shampoo

Cedarwood Orange Dog Shampoo

- Warm Comforting Formula

Natural blend of the finest Anise and Cedarwood essential oils, excellent for dry flaky older skin, with a delightfully warm scent.

Sold in our large 16oz size as pictured






Zensoaps Peppermint Eucalyptus Dog Shampoo

Peppermint Eucalyptus Dog Shampoo

- Cooling Skin Soothing Formula

Blend of the finest natural peppermint and lemon eucalyptus essential oils in our proprietary handmade shampoo formula. This has a very mild cooling skin effect that helps relieve itching and allergic skin.

Sold in our large 16oz size as pictured






Zensoaps Oatmeal Milk and Honey Formula

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Dog Shampoo

- Our delightfully fragrant formula.

This is our only shampoo that contains a bit of fragrance oil to enhance scent. It is made in our proprietary handmade formula, with no essential oils. The smell is our custom blend of the most mouth-watering versions of oatmeal milk and honey. It's lovely!

Sold in our large 16oz size as pictured



ZenSoaps Stink Neutralizer

Zensoaps Stink Neutralizer

Zensoaps Stink Neutralizer Sizes

Accidents happen. So we spent over a year formulating a solution that works, because we needed one ourselves.

This will not only remove organic smells from pets, but from people too.

It's a great all around odor elimination solution for everything from doggie accidents to fish and garlic on hands, to child bedwetting spots to skunk spray. It is all natural, non-chemical, non-toxic, and effective on ORGANIC smells. It doesn't mask smells, it eliminates them.



Zensoaps Stink Neutralizer

Just a nice little product to have on hand for those once in a while stink removal needs in your kitchen, garage, bathroom, boat!

Large 8oz Size

Small 4oz Size



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